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  • Amy Liz Harrison

Eternally Amy Podcast: Self-Awareness and the 9 Enneagram Types

In this 10-part series, Amy is taking a look at The Enneagram. The Enneagram is a nine-sided figure used in a particular system of analysis to represent the spectrum of possible personality types. Amy is looking at what the Enneagram types look like and walks through how to do your own enneagram test as you listen.

Enneagram Type 1

Amy is taking a look at 10 ways to spot a perfectionist AKA Enneagram type 1. As someone who loves a Type 1 in her life, Amy looks at some behaviors of perfectionists, as well as shares insights from the book.

Enneagram Type 2

Everyone knows a Giver… The helpers are always there to lend a hand when you need it most. Amy is looking at the 10 ways to spot The Giver in the wild, from their nurturing and caring habits to their fears and aspirations.

Enneagram Type 3

The Achiever can seem to be a confident, ambitious and charismatic person to those around them, but their fears of failure or feeling insignificant can be a challenge for them to overcome. Amy is looking at 10 ways to spot The Achiever in life, and what we can learn from their chameleon-like nature.

Enneagram Type 4

The Individualist enneagram type can often be found among creatives who long for connection and understanding with other people. However, they often fear they might be too weird or too broken. Amy takes a look at this enneagram type to try to better understand their quest to express their individuality.

Enneagram Type 5

The Investigator, or Type 5 Enneagram, can be a quiet person with introvertive tendencies, but in reality are people who value independence, freedom, and understanding in their lives. Learn more about what makes these naturally curious people tick, and how to approach the investigative types in your life.

Enneagram Type 6

The Skeptic, or Type 6 Enneagram, can be a person seeking safety and security, but in reality, are people who are anxiously anticipating everything that could go wrong in a plan. Learn more about what makes their needs to communicate clearly, feel protected, and protect others, as well as how to approach the skeptical types in your life.

Enneagram Type 7

The Enthusiast, or Enneagram Type 7, is someone who is lively, fun-loving, and a person who has wild stories. Though they have some fears like getting stuck in rut or not living “the good life,” their childlike enthusiasm will keep a Type 7 upbeat and optimistic. Learn more about what where their needs for flexibility, happiness, and variety come from, and growth tips for Type 7s!

Enneagram Type 8

The Challenger, or Type 8 Enneagram, while often independent and self-sufficient, can also come off as somebody who is stubborn and controlling. With core values like competence, influence, and power, Type 8s typically value respect more than status in a social group. Learn more about why Type 8s push themselves to their limits constantly and often make great leaders.

Enneagram Type 9

The Peacemaker, or Enneagram type 9, enjoy helping the people around them exist more comfortably and they generally excel at avoiding conflict. Despite their easy-going personality, they can also be stubborn people who hate to feel controlled. While they can fear appearing too needy, their failure to set boundaries can sometimes be the worst situation for The Peacemaker. Learn more about Enneagram type 9 growth needs and the power of forgiveness.

Links to find out your Enneagram Type:

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