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Eternally Awkward

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Before she was the quirky mom of eight, Amy Liz Harrison was a California kid, growing up in the 1980s, obsessed with Madonna and Moonlighting. 

Her first book, Eternally Expecting navigated the bumpy ride of Harrison’s early adult life. We followed her marriage, the birth of her first four children and the ongoing postpartum depression she tried to numb with alcohol. Ultimately, the touching story of her first decade of sobriety was revealed. 

In Eternally Awkward, we find another culprit at work. Depression had an accomplice—one that was difficult to catch. This hilarious mystery of self-discovery tracks the author’s childhood, delivering mounting clues that lead to the missing piece of her mental health picture—ADHD. 

Each chapter reveals “clues” in the form of embarrassing, ridiculous, and ultimately very relatable stories of growing up in the 1980s. But there’s also another story at work: Woven through the pages is the aftermath of a panic attack triggered by a rubber doll smelling of alcohol. Was it a curious foreshadowing of Harrison’s drunken days to come?

Choose your character, will it be Colonel Mustard or Miss Peacock? We’ve got a case to solve. Instead of a suspect, weapon and room, we see Harrison’s trifecta of mental health challenges come to completion. Anxiety+Depression=ADHD. Grab a can of Tab and come help us place the last piece in the puzzle.

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