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  • Amy Liz Harrison

#QUITLIT Boozeless Babes Bookclub: Eternally Amy & The Gangster’s Guide To Sobriety

Amy welcomes Sarah Alaimo and Alysse Bryson of The Sober Curator to discuss The Gangster’s Guide to Sobriety: My Life in 12 Steps to round out September and National Recovery Month. This book tells the story of a career criminal, Richie, running from his problems and location to location, until he finds the 12 steps and turns his life around for the better. While Richie’s story may sound far and away from Amy and her friends, his struggle with amends and his journey to sobriety resonated with these three sober women (mostly anyway). RIP Coolio.

RIP COOLIO – Aug 01, 1963 – Sep 28, 2022

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Art and blog post created by Alysse Bryson and appeared first on The Sober Curator

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