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Amy Liz Harrison

Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, Sobriety Coach, and Founder & CEO of A-Team Press

Amy Liz Harrison - Seattle Author and Speaker
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After years of numbing her pain with extra glasses (or bottles) of wine, Amy Liz Harrison finds herself spiraling into the depths of addiction and anxiety.


As a mom of eight living in suburban Seattle, she juggles her growing family and the pressures of her husband’s fast-paced career. But when her world shatters in a wake of legal troubles and two stints in rehab, Amy realizes she can no longer hide from her internal battles.



With unflinching honesty and humor, Amy's Eternally series chronicles her transformative journey through addiction, recovery, and the complex realities of mental health. As she navigates through her ADHD diagnosis and depression, Amy shares her struggles and triumphs, giving voice to those grappling with similar challenges.

Kiss your Brain Children's Book Series - Amy Liz Harrison

Released in September 2023, the “Kiss Your Brain” children’s book series tackles mental health topics the Amy's family—and all families—face.



As a mother, person in recovery, and writer, Amy felt inspired to create the “Kiss Your Brain” series of children’s books. With five stories written from a child’s point of view, this series addresses substance abuse, eating disorders, and other mental health issues in a way that appeals to even the littlest readers.

Expand Your Writing Potential with Expert Consultations by Amy

Discover personalized guidance and insights to elevate your writing and publishing journey with Amy's consulting sessions. Benefit from up to 60 minutes of focused mentorship tailored to your needs, followed by valuable resources to support your continued growth as an aspiring author.


Unlock the power of storytelling and personal growth with Amy's captivating speaking engagements. Amy specializes in topics like her inspiring sobriety journey, strategies for writing and sharing your own story, and the art of memoir authoring


Available for both in-person and virtual events, Amy brings depth, insight, and practical wisdom to every audience. Starting at $150, contact us today to explore tailored speaking options that resonate with your audience.

Listen to the Eternally Amy Podcast

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Journey of Recovery: 12-Step Meditations
on Insight Timer

Embark on a healing journey with Amy Liz Harrison's insightful 12-step meditations, exclusively available on Insight Timer. Dive deep into each step's wisdom, guided by Amy's expertise and compassionate approach.


Whether you're navigating addiction recovery or seeking inner growth, these meditations offer invaluable support and guidance along your path to healing and wholeness.


Start your transformative journey today with Amy Liz Harrison on Insight Timer.


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