I’m so pumped you found me lurking here on the “inter webs”.  If we haven’t met, I’m Amy, and I still have a resentment against Miss Nancy of “Romper Room” because she NEVER.SAID.MY.NAME. when she looked into that damn mirror at the end of her show.

N E V E R.

So, I did a thing… I wrote a book. It’s called *Eternally Expecting: A Mom of 8 Gives Birth to a Whole New Life… Her Own.* It’s dropping spring of 2021, and it will be available on Amazon and Audible. *Shameless plug: SIGN UP to be on my Advanced Reader Team and be the FIRST to read it for a buck. (All I ask is that you prepare a short review to post on Amazon.) **That’s only half of a bottle of Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck” chardonnay, people!**


Basically, the book is a metaphor and a memoir, so I’m calling it a “meta-oir”, because why not. It’s my story, but interwoven are the parallels I discovered between becoming a mom and getting sober.  


Here’s the nutshell, Cliff Notes version : “Mommy playdate drinking“ coupled with the high flying lifestyle of an airline executive’s wife, led to my disintegration into the depths of alcoholism. By the time I had my first 4 kids, I was drinking around the clock and eventually hit a soul-crushing brokenness I had never known. (Spoiler Alert = I have a mugshot out there at King County Jail.)  


BUT, I managed to get sober, my husband stayed with me, and I’ve given birth to four MORE kids. Yup - that means 8 in total - and I’m not even Mormon. (NO offense to Mormons, it’s a joke because I’m often asked if I am one.)


This spring commemorates a decade of continuous sobriety for me, and it seemed like the perfect time to share my journey.  From essentially being the “Fyre Festival” of motherhood to becoming a sober mom of 8, it’s a wild ride and I’m so honored to have you along for it! 


Wheels Up-

Amy (Liz) Harrison